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FLG-200/300HD Inverter Type Fine Plasma Cutting Machine (Fine Plasma)

FLG-200/300HD Inverter Type Fine Plasma Cutting Machine (Fine Plasma)
This plasma cutting machine is mainly used for cutting various metal materials such as carbon steel, alloy steel, and non-ferrous metals. It is widely used in the installation of industrial power stations, boiler pressure vessels, metallurgy, petrochemical, aerospace, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, steel structure manufacturing and other industries that involve metal cutting.
Using current ripple control technology, the output current ripple is small, the cutting quality is stable, and the cut is smooth.
The professionally tuned cutting torch cooling system is equipped with a large flow, high-lift water pump and a high-power heat dissipation structure, which effectively extends the service life of the cutting torch consumables.
The design of multiple gas input interfaces adapts to multiple gas cutting processes and realizes high-quality cutting of various metal materials.
Excellent high-frequency arc starting control technology, separation of high-frequency box and power supply structure, as far as possible to reduce the interference of high frequency to the CNC system, the cutting torch cable is short, and 100% arc starting success rate is guaranteed.
The perfect communication control interface facilitates the expansion of functions and is easier to match with a variety of intelligent CNC systems.

Đặc điểm kỹ thuật

Item unit Model
Input source V/Hz 3 phase±15% 50/60
Rated input capacity KVA 48.5 72.4
Rated output current A 200 300
Rated output voltage V 200 210
Rated unloading voltage V 360 370
Rated loading cycle - 100%(40℃
Efficiency - 93%
Power factor - 0.92
Range of output current A 15-200 15-300
Arc way - Non-touched
Qualified cutting capacity (carbon steel) mm 25 38
Piercing ability (carbon steel) mm 25 38
Cutting capacity (carbon steel) mm 50 64
Insulation grade - Grade F
Cooling way - Air cooling
Shell protect grade - IP21S
Dimension (mm) mm 1060*480*1010 1060*480*1275
Net weight Kg 140 200


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