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Heavy Gantry CNC Plasma and Flame Cutting Machine

Fine Gantry CNC Plasma And Flame Cutting Machine
Product description:JX series CNC precision plasma cutting machine is a kind of high-efficiency steel plate automatic cutting and blanking equipment developed by our company after absorbing advanced software and hardware technology at home and abroad for supporting metal structure processing. It can cut longitudinally and horizontally, and the arc curve also can be cut in any direction, with high cutting surface roughness and precision and small deformation. The machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation and advanced technology. The components of JX-F series cutting machine include numerical control system, drive system, control system, mechanical system and pneumatic system. Laser-like CNC systems and servo systems use well-known brands at home and abroad, excellent performance products, convenient human-machine interface, friendly operation, rich software and high-quality hardware configuration, and comprehensive protection measures to provide users with a high-quality product.
1. The structure is stable and strong, solid and durable. The gantry beam adopts a rectangular steel plate tailor-welded forming structure. Through internal tempering to remove internal stress, the imported high-precision gantry pentahedron machining center is used for a single positioning process, which has high strength, rigidity and accuracy.
2. The horizontal cutting trolley is guided by a dual-axis linear guide rail, which ensures the sturdy structure and the high precision of vertical guidance.
3. Wide vertical walking cart: It is longer and thicker than other manufacturers to ensure the stability of vertical high-speed walking.

Đặc điểm kỹ thuật

Item Descriptions Specification
Machine Body Gantry Width (mm) 3000 or 4000 (Can be widened)
Rail length (mm) 8000( Can be lengthen)
Effective Cutting Area(mm) 2200*6000 or 3200*6000(Can be customized)
Drive motor Bilateral drive Panasonic servo motor
Max traveling speed(mm/min) 12000mm/min
Max.Cutting speed (mm/min) 6000mm/min
Flame Torch Flame Cutting Torch Number 1 (can increase)
Flame Cutting Thickness(mm) 6-200mm
Flame Torch Height Sensor Torch Height sensor
Flame Cutting Speed(mm/min) 50-1100mm/min
Flame cutting Gas Pressure and Flow Request Oxygen:0.5-0.8MPa
Purity: 99.5%; Flow:1.0M3/h
Fuel Gas :Propane or Acetylene
Plasma Torch Plasma Cutting Torch Number 1 (can increase)
Plasma Torch Height Sensor THC
Plasma Torch Anti-Collision Holder SMART CUT
Main configuration Controller F2300A
THC F1621 or HYD
Motor and driver Panasonic servo motor and drivers


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