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1, Shanghai Fangling brand Control system

with 7inch screen, with built - in 49 figures, you could choose pattern from these figures directly, very convenient.

Graphic display function

English interface and other 18 languages

Excellent graph library ,49 graphics

steel plate correction function

Kerf can be automatically compensated

Cutting can continue when power fails

Continuous return can be done

Positioning and cutting can be done randomly

 Off-line cutting can be done:

Online upgrading function

2, Big size Track, use high precision linear guide, and light weight alloy-aluminum horizontal rail,not easy become deformation.

uUse gapless rack and pinion in walking department,

uUse stepper motor with stepper motor driver, START brand;

uVertical track use Linear guide from Taiwan, high precision and operate more stable;

uHorizontal rail is alloy-aluminum in light weight, not easy be deformation;

uuse axis type linear guide in horizontal rail, reduce abrasion to beam and make sure high precision.

3, Insulation board


uInsulation board :

used to Protect the Control system and Circuit

4, Chinese famous Leadshine brand Stepper

motor and Driver;

5, Leadshine brand Driver


uExtra-low motor noise offers excellent quietness

uAnti-Resonance, provides optimum torque and nulls mid-range instability

uSelf-test and Auto-configuration technology, offers optimum responses with different motors

6,Cutting torch and lifting station


Use ball screw to driving, more precision,

and more steady


 7, Fangling brand F1620 THC(torch height control);

uIf metal sheets are rugged, should use THC to adjust distance from torch to metal surface.


8. Taiwan CLION brand

Relay, very famous brand


9.  MEANWELL brand power supply

uProtections: Short circuit/Overload/Over voltage/ Over temperature

uForced air cooling by built-in DC fan

uBuilt-in cooling uFan ON-OFF control

uBuilt-in constant current limiting circuit

u100% full load burn-in test

10, X.Y axis Guide;

16 pcs bearings, 8pcs X axis and 8pcs for Y axis. Much more steady.



11, Cutting torch,


Flame torch

Text Box: Flame torch


Plasma torch

Text Box: Plasma torch





Flame cutting torch is fixed, plasma cutting torch is together with the plasma power source.

Flame torch and plasma torch could be changed very easily


12. Software

StarCAM pro nesting software,  professional software used on plasma/flame cutters.

It supports CAD, DXF, DWG, IGES format files.

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