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Mini Gantry CNC Plasma and Flame Cutting Machine

Mini Gantry CNC Plasma And Flame Cutting Machine
The overall processing machine base; good stability, not deformed; high accuracy; Modularization design, such as disassemble crossed beam, combined center unit, special crossed beam trunkings and humanity operate interface.
1. Support 19 languages
2.Automatic height control with initial fix position;
3. Using USB Flash Drive reading procedure and timely upgrade software

Đặc điểm kỹ thuật

Item Descriptions Specification
Machine Body Gantry Width (mm) 3000 or 4000 (Can be widened)
Rail length (mm) 5000 or 10000
Effective Cutting Area(mm) 2200x3500 or 2200*8500 or 3200*3500 or 3200*8500
Drive motor Dual-drive stepper motor
Max traveling speed(mm/min) 12000mm/min
Max.Cutting speed (mm/min) 6000mm/min
Flame Torch Flame Cutting Torch Number 1 (can increase)
Flame Cutting Thickness(mm) 6-200mm
Flame Torch Height Sensor Torch Height sensor
Flame Cutting Speed(mm/min) 50-800mm/min
Flame cutting Gas Pressure and Flow Request Oxygen:0.5-0.8MPa
Purity: 99.5%; Flow:1.0M3/h
Fuel Gas :Propane or Acetylene
Plasma Torch Plasma Cutting Torch Number 1 (can increase)
Plasma Torch Height Sensor THC
Plasma Torch Anti-Collision Holder SMART CUT
Main configuration Controller F2100B
THC F1621
Motor and driver Leadshine stepper motor and drivers


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