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- IGBT type control
- Electric shock protection is built in
- Easy start and uniform bead with high response time by high frequency transformation
- Hot start (adjustment of starting welding current)
- Improved output with high efficiency by micom control from existing 85% to 90%
- Small size, light weight
- Guarantee stable durability in allowed input voltage from AC 140-260V by applying SMPS (switching modulation power supply)

Đặc điểm kỹ thuật

Description   ATHD-1680
Capacity   Max. 1.600 x 800 (Web x Flange)
Materials processed   H-Beam (150x150) ~ H-Beam (1,600x800)
Carriage length   6M (Carriage stroke : 5M) / Clamp position : top adn End
Drill diameter   Maximum Drill Capacity Taper Hss drill : O50, Straight shank Carbide drill : O 32(Alternative)
Taper Holder Steeve  MT4, Straight Holder Diameter : O32
Feeding speed   X asis: 10~25,/min (Material feeding speed) Max.
Y asis: 10m/min (Drill unint moving speed: rightward, leftward, upward, downward)
Tool change   Standard : Hydraulic & Manual type
Option : automatic too changer (ATC) - 4 sets of drills per earch spindle axis
Coolant : Internal & side supply
Chip conveyor   Standard accessory
Making   R.L up & down (sribing marking : option)
Operation program   CAD interface (.dxf file)
CNC system   15" color & touch screen industrial CNC, PC based on Window XP or Window Vista
Dimension   5600x2000x3550 mm
Weight   13,200kg

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