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Table CNC Pipe and Plate Plasma Cutting Machine

Table CNC Pipe And Plate Plasma Cutting Machine
table cnc pipe and plate plasma cutting machine, The rotary axis is for circular pipes profiling. the cnc plasma cutting machine is a good cut solution for both circular tubes and sheet metal materials. the rotary cutter can hold a circular pipe with a diameter can be 50mm-600mm.
1. Equipped with professional control system(F2300BX) for variety types of cuts, including Round, overlapping pipe holes, re-pads with axial offsets and other types of intersecting cuts.
2. Precise casting parts and strict manufacture and test procedures ensure high accuracy, reliability and durability.
3. Integrated with specialized programming and computing modules for complicated large steel structure construction.
4. Automatic, servo driven height sensing system compensates vertical position for out-of-round pipe.

Đặc điểm kỹ thuật

Model 1530T
Table Size 1500x3000mm support customize
Max Cutting Thickness According to plasma power source
Pipe Cutting Size Diameter from 50mm to 600mm, Length up to 3000mm or 6000mm
Plasma cutting Speed 0-15000mm/min
Plasma Power Supply Huayuan brand or Hypertherm brand
Machine Frame Welded Structure
Machine Structure Rack, Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings
Height Controller F1628D Torch Height Controller
Machine Voltage 220V single phase
Control System Shanghai fangling F2300BX
Document Transmission Form USB Interface
Drive Motors Servo Motor and Driver
G.W. 1500KGS
Packing Size 4.17*2.25*1.65m


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