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Disassembled CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Disassembled CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Disassembled Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Low cost table cnc plasma cutting machine An economical plasma cutting machine which gives full power in a small area. With large table 2060, you will get high precision cut quality at low price. Thanks to the space saving, compact construction, the machine can be quickly installed. Leveling screws makes easy alignment on a flat surface. Bilateral longitudinal drives with precision guiding systems maintain accuracy over long periods of use. With the easy to use Fangling F2100T means your only three clicks away for loading the program to begin cutting. The free-standing console keeps sensitive electronics away from the heat and dust of cutting.
1. The machine can be disassembled,the packaging is simple,and it is easy to transport.
2. Cutting graphics:programmable cutting line and arc constitute any plane shape parts
3. Language:Support 19 languages

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Technical Specification
Model AT-T1530D AT-T2060D
Effective cutting range(mm) 1500×3000mm 2000*6000mm
Cutting speed (mm/min) 50-8000
Input power source 380v±10% VAC,50/60HZ,three phase
Input Machine body 220V±10%V AC, 50/60HZ, Single phase
Plasma cutting thickness(mm) 0.5-30mm (According to your plasma power source)
Plasma cutting gas compressed air
Cutting torch one plasma cutting torch with plasma power source
CNC controller system F2100T
THC Build-in controller
Motor Leadshine Stepper motor and drive
Drive type Bilateral drive
Operation precision ±0.2mm
Guide length ×guide width ×guide thickness (mm) 3500×273×60
Nesting software StarCam or Fastcam
Gas pressure (Mpa) 0.5


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