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Heavy Duty Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Heavy Duty Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Heavy Duty Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
(1) Welded thick-walled steel structure, after special treatment, no distortion for the whole structure high precision, and long service life time.
(2) Cutting system use Shanghai FLMC-2300A; Equipped with automatic height controller (THC controller), which can according to your material planeness, cutting head can automatically stable, and fast adjust.
(3)Suitable software: Fastcam/ Starcam etc.
(4) FASTCAM programming software based on AutoCAD automatic programming and material system.
(5) FASTCAM is designed for all kinds of NC cutter with cutting software, the software can help the user completing various complex parts drawing, programming, material, using convenient, also bring the obvious economic benefit.
(6) If you cut thick material, according to actual use, we’ll add water tank for you for free, to absorbs a large amount of smoke generated during cutting.
(7) Machine could be customized, whatever specifications, appearance, etc. Any request you’ve, could tell us directly.
1. Taiwan HIWIN linear rail, ensure vertical section, more precision.
2. Cutting graphics:programmable cutting line and arc constitute any plane shape parts
3. Language:Support 19 languages

Đặc điểm kỹ thuật

Technical Specification
Model AT-T1325H AT-T1530H AT-T1560H
Effective cutting range(mm) 1300*2500mm 1500×3000mm 1500×6000mm
Machine size (mm) 1950*3750mm 2150x4250 mm 2150x7250 mm
Cutting speed (mm/min) 50-10000
Input power source 380v±10% VAC,50/60HZ,three phase
Input Machine body 220V±10%V AC, 50/60HZ, Single phase
Plasma cutting thickness(mm) 0.5-40mm (According to your plasma power source)
Torch height controller F1628
Plasma cutting gas compressed air
Cutting torch One plasma cutting torch with plasma power source
CNC controller system F2300A
Motor Servo motor and drive
Operation precision ±0.2mm
Guide length ×guide width ×guide thickness (mm) 3500×273×60
Nesting software StarCam or Fastcam
Gas pressure (Mpa) 0.5
Arc Untouched arc striking
Processing Materials Iron,Steel,Aluminum sheet,Galvanized sheets,Titanium Sheets

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