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Leiqie Single Phase 220V Plasma Power Source CUT60

Leiqie Single Phase 220V Plasma Power Source CUT60

Used for cutting stainless steel, alloy steel, cast steel, carbon steel, copper, manganese, titanium, composite panel, etc.
1.Easy to operate.
2.Figure current display, accurate preset current function, the current can be adjusted without stage.
3.Lock function, deduce the intensity of long working hours for labors.
1.High quality soft switch inverter technology, high efficiency, light weight.
2.High power IGBT module switch design circuit, high reliability.
3.Wide grid voltage adaptability.
4.Arc - starting current slow - rising function, it can effectively extend the service life of cutting torch’s electrode and nozzle.
5.Easy arc starting, stable arc, good arc stiffness, smooth cut, superior process performance.
6.Fast cutting speed, narrow and smooth incision plain needle;Small deformation, save material.
7.Using cheap air as cutting gas, low cost.
8.Some models have all the signal output required by NUMERICAL control, which is suitable for numerical control automatic cutting.
9.High load continuity rate and long working time at maximum current.

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No. Model CUT 60
1 Voltage 1 phase 220V 50/60Hz
2 Rated power 9KVA
3 Rated output current 60A
4 Rated output voltage 105.2V
5 Rated load sustained rate 60% at 40℃
6 Output unloading voltage 308V
7 Adjust range of voltage 30-60A
8 Air pressure 0.4-0.5Mpa
9 Quality cutting thickness 12mm (carbon steel)
10 Max cutting thickness 25mm (steel material)
11 Insulation grade F
12 Cooling way Air cooling
13 Protection grade IP21S
14 Dimension 570*310*470mm
15 Weight 25kg


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