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Portable CNC Flame Cutting Machine

Portable CNC Flame Cutting Machine

Portable CNC Flame Cutting Machine
Portable CNC Flame Cutting Machine is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving cutting equipment,suitable for all kinds of carbon steel,stainless steel and non-ferrous metal plate precision cutting blanking,raise the utilization ratio of plate,save times and materials.
1. Effective Cutting length:2000-6000mm can be customized according to user requirements
2. Cutting graphics:programmable cutting line and arc constitute any plane shape parts
3. Language:Support 19 languages

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Technical parameter
Model AT-4080
Effective cutting width 3000mm(Can be widened)
Effective cutting length 6000mm(Can be lengthened)
Controller Germany Eckelman
Screen 17〃 touch screen
Electrical parts Inovance PLC
regulated power supply Taiwan HSIN DA
Cutting torch JXZ/F one plasma, one flame
Flame torch Longteng
Lifter motor Panasonic servo motor 1 set
X axis motor Panasonic servo motor 3 sets
X axis reducer Japanese Shimpo planet reducer 3sets
Transverse mechanical drive Precision rack and rack and Taiwan HIWIN linear guide
Lifting method of flame torch Electric lift
Range of plasma cutting materials Carbon steel,Stainless steel
Plasma perforation cutting thickness Carbon steel≤40mm
Lifting distance of plasma torch ≤300mm
Lifting method of plasma torch Automatic arc voltage lift
Torch lift verticality tolerance ±0.5mm
Overall accuracy of the whole machine Scratch detection
Side length (four sides) 1000*1000mm
Scribing speed 500-800mm/min
Intersection offset tolerance ±0.5mm
Straightness tolerance ±0.2mm
Roundness tolerance ±0.5mm
Diagonal tolerance ±0.5mm
Set speed error ±5%
Mass cutting slope ISO 9013 standard range 3
Quality cutting roughness Rz(μm)=70+1.2a



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