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Single Driver Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Single Driver Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Table CNC Plasma And Flame Cutting Machine With Single Drive
CNC cutting machine is to use a digital program-driven machine motion,when the machine moving, torch cutting metal plate,can cut out any flat shape parts. CNC flame cutting machine is mainly used in large thickness steel cutting. CNC plasma cutting machine can cut all kinds of metal sheet metal, cutting speed, high efficiency, kerf smooth, needn’t polishing, operation simple, energy-saving, less noise. Widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, general machinery, engineering machinery, steel construction and other industries.
1.Adopt advanced professional industrial control technology,LCD display with 7 inches's high resolution ration lattice.Its cutting method and performance,just as the gantry type cutting machine,can cut the arbitrary and complicated plane figure.It reduces the second process and the producing cost,improving material utilization and the labor productivity;
2.Support USB connection, making the document transferring conveniently and software upgrade;
3.Rich basic graphics, also provide software to convert CAD files G-code, then lead in machine.

Đặc điểm kỹ thuật

Technical Specification
Model AT-1212 AT-1530
Effective cutting range(mm) 1200*1200mm 1500×3000mm
Cutting speed (mm/min) 50-4000(max. 4000)
Input power source 380v±10% VAC,50/60HZ,three phase
Input Machine body 220V±10%V AC, 50/60HZ, Single phase
Flame Cutting thickness (mm) 6-80 (Oxygen + acetylene or propane)
Plasma cutting thickness(mm) 0.5-30mm (According to your plasma power source)
Plasma cutting gas Oxygen+ propane or acetylene
Cutting torch One piece flame cutting torch and one plasma cutting torch with plasma power source
CNC controller system F2100T
Motor Leadshine Stepper motor and drive
Operation precision ±0.2mm
Guide length ×guide width ×guide thickness (mm) 3500×273×60
Nesting software StarCam
Gas pressure (Mpa) 0.5
Cutting tool Conversion Kit Oxygen(flame) and plasma cutting machine spare parts can change easily.


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